Preparing For The Future That Will Be 3D Printed

Trying to figure out what can be made with 3D printing… Well, the options are constantly expanding. Just recently, The 3D Architect has even converted 3D Renderings to printed models.

Anything from hobby & DIY to gadgets, games & toys, food or households, RC cars or supercar, drones or parts for a space station now can be 3D printed.

Dot by dot, we are going to personalize our surrounding. No one is ever too old to have fun.

12 Cool Things That Can Be 3D Printed

3d figurines from children's drawing drawing

Photo credits: Crayon Creatures

#12 3D Figurines From Children Drawings

In the beginnining there was dot streaming to line and now it’s airborne. Forget drawing as you know it… Draw in the mid air! 😉

Harry Potter’s wand or invoked “Genie”? Well, neither of those.

3D printing pen will preserve lasting memories from your children drawings or bridal vows, you can rewrite your almost forgoten poems or simply make a bracelets.
Make your own carnival crown or build a bridge to save a lady.

3d printed jewelry

Photo credits: Shapeways

#11 Jewelry

…as never before

Revive your “Preciouse”.
Wishes are to be fullfilled, therefore it’s unimaginable that some valuable item will be irreplacable with “Jewelry Replicator”.
Just send a picture of preciouse item and revive it with diamonds, rubies, platinum, gold or any other precious metals and gems.

Kate Hudson 3d printed dress

Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace Gown at 2016 Met Gala in New York City

#10 Blossoming fashion design

One could try to customize Cinderella like dress for a doll or for herself, as well as halloween costume. Fashion designers now use 3D printing, making us astonished by beauty of their dresses.

Kate Hudson was blossoming in bridal inspired gown at the “Met Gala 2016” design by Atelier Versace.

Emma Watson in “Green Carpet Challenge” of “Met Gala 2016” warn dress made of recycled materials design by Calvin Klein.

3d printed shoes high heels

Photo by Zoha Babazadeh, via Behrad Ghodsi

#9 Unlock your creative mind

…upgrade high heels

Take a step that makes you feel like walking across the red carpet.
It’s seemingly immpossible to create a shoe both fashionable and comfordable but all you got to do is to try with 3D printing.

And yes, it can be made from glass.

3d printed running shoes adidas

Photo credits: Adidas

#8 Running shoes

…are shaping the future of sport

New Balance, Nike and Adidas are all taking a step in the right direction with innovative way to design and manufacture footwear.
If you are wannabe winwin player start in these… Ultimatly customized running shoes.

Ingenuity is disruptive. Consequently we need it.

From surfboards, bikes, RC cars and drones, supercars or rocket engine, whether for parts frames or engines, this amazing tech of 3d printing is disruptive.
NASA, Nascar, DARPA or DIY in your backyard… Try to comprehend… They love it…

3d printed surfboard

Photo by: Paul Jones/University of Wollongong

#7 Tech that brings 180 to surfers and surfboards

Made through process that includes optimisation on realA�time basis of design, curves are now smoother and boards are designed to perfection and that’s “180” for surfers, which will allow them to ride with even more agility into “barrel”.

3d printed bike

Photo by: James Novak

#6 Bikes

Whether from bamboo or titanium, sloping down the hill or making “Tour de France” bikes will never be the same.

Longevity, durability are side by side with personalization and that makes awesome effect on bikes and bikers as well.

3d printed supercar Blade

Photo by Divergent Microfactories, via Divergent 3d

#5 Supercar

Toy cars, RC cars and now supercar has been finally 3D printed.
With accelerating faster than P1 Mclaren and higher power-A�to-A�weight ratio than Buggati Veyron, Blade is seting up whole new way on thinking about prospect of this technology:

  • 0A�-60 mph 2,2 seconds
  • 700 horsepower
  • 1400 pounds dry weight
  • carbon fiber tubbing
  • aluminium joints

Say no more.

3d printed phone cases for Iphone

Photo credits: Shapeways

#4 Mobile phones and cases

…serve and protect

Phones…holographic they are going to become.
Until than they serve us well and we honour them with protective cases, personalized to the point of artistic view.

3d printed mug

Photo credits: Shapeways

#3 Home decore

Geek or art lover, your personalized mug will give an bust to your daily cup of extasy.
Make it perfect.

Make experiance completely customized, based on your plans and input and never forget persons of which you care mostly.
Belive unbeliviable and it will be so.

3d printed pizza

Photo credits: BeeHex

#2 Snacks/Pizza/Chocolate/Caviar

Making a party, preparing to watch NFL, movie, socker or just willing to take a break with some jummy, tastefull snacks or pizza, maybe small bite of creamy exstasy named chocolate.

Those of you who are expecting somebody, worthy chefs showoff, don’t forget that you are to be able preparing surprise caviar like droplets of any taste.
Every shape, colour and taste imaginable is possible…

NASA and Hershey are already printing foodies.

3d printed building in Dubai

Photo by Ahmed Jadallah, via Reuters

#1 Home sweet home

…under the sea or high up in the sky…

From under the sea to the sky frontiers with no boundaries on horizon.
We are already capable of printing houses, and where to that’s an option.

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