19 Most Interesting Brain Facts

Most Interesting Brain Facts

Human brain presented by an interesting drawing.

The human brain has evolved constantly over the centuries. Just as our lifestyles have become more and more complicated, the human brain has become increasingly interesting.

Even though there are still many aspects about brain that are not understood by the scientists, there are a few interesting facts that you should know.

#19 Violent parents have the same effect over a young childa��s brain as war has on soldiers and military personnel.

#18 Brain starts to operate differently and diminishes empathy when a person acquires even a small dose of power.

#17 Over 60% of your brain is pure fat. According to scientists, fat diets might force a brain to eat itself.

#16 The consistency of the human brain is similar to that of tofu.

#15 The structure of your brain changes every time you learn something new.

#14 Each part of the brain interacts with a specific side of the body. However, for reasons undiscovered, each side of the human brain interacts with the opposite side of the body.

#13 The unique smell of chocolate and chocolate products enhance the theta brain waves, which trigger the release of relaxation endorphins in your body.

#12 During orgasms, the brain releases so much dopamine that it resembles the process of taking drugs. In other words, orgasms are perceived by the brain similarly to drugs.

#11 The human body grows much faster during the night than during the day, due to the fact that the pituitary gland releases more growth hormone at night.

#10 The sleep during the night is the best for consolidating all important memories from the day.

#9 The lack of sleep may make it harder for your brain to store new memories.

#8 During sleep you won’t hear noises that might wake you up if your brain doesn’t think that you are in danger.

#7 It takes less than 6 minutes for your brain cells to react to alcohol.

#6 It has been proven that alcohol does not make you lose your memories. Instead, when you get a blackout, you just temporarily lose your ability to create new memories. Thata��s why most people do not remember a thing after a hangover.

#5 According to scientists, the human brain considers rejection to be similar to physical pain.

#4 Half of the brain structure can be actually removed hassle free, without any effect whatsoever on the memory or personality.

#3 People have over 70,000 thoughts on a daily basis, with over 70% of them being negative.

#2 Excessive stress can alter your brain functions, brain structure and brain cells.

#1 The brain can distinguish between your own touch and unexpected external touch, thata��s why you feel nothing when you try to tickle yourself.

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