First communion Invitations for girl ideas

For catholic Believers, Holy communion is a very imperative rite of passage to all members of the age 7-8 years. The Catholic Church believes that the first communion is the first sacrament of initiation. The first communion involves two things that are very important-Baptism and Confirmation.

Such events are very important to the child’s life and they are usually celebrated together with family and close friends. It goes for a day of wearing white and receiving gifts. Given that the first communion is a very religious event, you are probably going to invite guests to witness the baby girl receive Jesus for the first time.

Planning such an event can also be overwhelming and involving a reason why I am here right now to help you along the way. I can predict you want this special day for your girl to be unique and remarkable.

For the day to be special and complete you are supposed to celebrate this with your family and friends which means you will send communion invitations for a girl. The process of designing, arranging, selecting the colors and words in such an invitation can take a lot of your time and money. So, I have shared some helpful ideas that you can digest now.

Who to invite in the first communion event

Such events are intimate events that should be celebrated with closest family members and friends. What this means is that you should be very careful with the people you want to invite to this occasion. Some of those people include godparents, grandparents, few friends, few relatives and siblings. They should only be people that are closest to the Holy communicant’s life.

In my own opinion, guests should be the people that have impacted in one way or the other to the child’s development and growth in the way of Christ. Remember your church will be able to accommodate as many guests as possible but it’s your chance to minimize the people to celebrate with.

Should the invitation include non-Catholics?

The Catholic Church doesn’t put any restrictions to all its masses. What this means is that everyone is welcome to the church to celebrate with you. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t matter whether you have Muslim or Hindu Friends that want to celebrate with your family.

The family and friends who are not Catholics but are close to you and your family should be somewhere in the picture. Though, they should be advised to follow the Catholic mass etiquette. They may feel uncomfortable but they have to digest it for the time being.

First communion invitation design

It doesn’t matter whether you are sending Baptism invitations for a baby boy or girl, there are some important things to bear in mind. It all starts with choosing a wonderful design for the invitations and everything else will be in line.

I know this can be a daunting task and it can take a lot of your time if you decide to design the invitations on your own.Fortunately, there are several baptism invitation design ideas online that you can pick and edit to use today.

Your child’s style

When choosing the style of first communion invitations, you are supposed to consider you and your child’s design style. I would suggest using any of the popular designs including stained glass windows, watercolors, doves, crosses. Don’t worry if the designs you pick overlap with baby shower designs, christening and baptism invitations or Christmas cards.

The design should feel thoughtful

I usually advise that creating first communion invitations is your unique chance of showing your creativity. I am trying to mean that the invitations should look thoughtful.They should also reflect the gravity of the occasion and set the mood for the day. To achieve this, it’s a good thing to go with the religious themed invitations. The theme can also be one that reflects the spring time when the occasions are typically held.

First communion invitation ideas for a baby girl

It’s now time to give some of my recommendations and show you some inspirational ideas that can inspire you to write unique and custom invitations. Here are top five baptism and first communion invitations for you.

Beautiful Cross

Remember this is a religious event and hence considering a beautiful cross on your invitation is not a bad idea. It seems as a hand-drawn cross wrapped in elegant ivy. This idea feels so feminine and religious. This is what makes it a nice idea for baby girl first communion invitations. Besides the cross, you are supposed to add some unique features and details such as Glitter invitation liner. This is all to achieve a pop personality.

Laurel Flame Invitations

It can be a delicate and hand drawn laurel frame that surrounds modern texts. It’s actually a good invitation idea for girls and boys. The design adds a subtle nod to religion. Although it seems secular, it still matches the occasion and works perfectly well as a religious invitation.

Deckled Edge Cross invitation

If you have wanted a religious invitation for a baby boy, then this is the best for you. It also works perfectly well for baby girl First communion invitation. It’s classy and has deckled edges to give the invitation a vintage feel. The good thing is that this invitation can be customized to silver, bronze and rose gold.

Simple Cross Invitation

For a religious invitation for your baby girl, choose a simple cross invitation. It features a gold frame, a styled type and gold-foil cross.It seems sleek and sophisticated and can make to be a unique and cute invitation for both genders.

Pretty Pastel Peonies invitation

For secular first communion invitations, this is a good alternative. It descends from soft pastel invitation. It also has a stylized cursive and letter press text. Because of the floral feel and the romance in it, it is a good invitation idea for baby girls.

The guide above gives you all the information you want and also offers you some simple ideas. I hope all the information has been helpful and the first communion invitation ideas have really informed your process of making baby girl invitations for the first communion.

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