7 CS:GO Maps In Real Life

Have you ever wondered if Counter-Strike maps were inspired by real locations?

I have, so I did a little research and found out that some of CS maps are based on locations that really exist.

Check them out and tell me what is your favorite CS:GO map!

de_inferno map in real life

de_inferno map in real life

Photo by Robert A. Estremo, via Wikimedia Commons

de_inferno map is based on Mission San Juan Capistrano which is located in southern California.

You can find more information about that location on Wikipedia.

de_nuke map in real life

de_nuke in real life

Photo by Tennessee Valley Authority, via Wikimedia Commons

de_nuke is based on The Sequoyah Nuclear Plant that is located near Tennessee in United States.

cs_italy map in real life

cs_italy map in real life

One of the most famous Counter-Strike maps – cs_italy

I couldn’t find the exact name of this small town, but it is obvious that it is located somewhere in Italy.

de_cache map in real life

de_cache map in real life

Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons

de_cache map presents Reactor #4 from Chernobyl Nuclear Powerplant that was accidentally destroyed in 1986.
The disaster is considered as one of the worst in human history.

de_santorini map in real life

de_santorini map in real life

Photo by Calli, via have blog WILL TRAVEL

de_santorini is a map created by CS:GO community members which presents the famous Greek island.

de_aztec map in real life

de_aztec map in real life

Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons

de_aztec is based on an ancient Mesoamerican city called Teotihuacan. The city is located in Mexico.

de_cobblestone map in real life

de_cobblestone map in real life

Photo by Mariposa.que.vuela, via Wikimedia Commons

Map de_cobblestone is based on a castle called Predjama that is built within a cave in Slovenia.

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18 Comments Tell us what you think!
  • Tommy

    The one that’s obviously in Italy, isn’t in Italy. Have you done some research? First google hits shows that it’s in Norway. But you edited away the Norwegian flags. Lol.

  • raaviolli

    actually… Predjama Castle is de_castle on CS:GO. Cobblestone have literally nothing to do with it. Cobblestone is not on caves and de_castle is. And there are even places there that are exactly like real life. Just check this 3kliksphilip’s video https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DD6subWa8hq0&psig=AOvVaw1pU_eTnZ-BXz3HSrd-LtuT&ust=1596621383731000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CA0QjhxqFwoTCPjmqKekgesCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAV

  • Lolojuembot

    Castle Neuschwanstein is cobblestone map from csgo

  • Viking

    The wingman map “Rialto” is a place in Venice, Italy. Just saying.

  • toms

    Austria is based on Hallstatt

  • Thomas from norway
    Thomas from norway

    That cs_italy is pic in real life is called Tvedestrand ANS is in Norway

  • Thomas from Norway
    Thomas from Norway

    Hey buzzkid.net you now that map that is called cs_italy. That little Town in real life is called Tvedestrand in Norway just search it up. I have actually lived there so i now what that town was called

  • Jesper

    The real life one of Italy dosen’t look very italian to me. Makes me think more of Scandinavia tbh (except the colour of the houses)

  • Nick

    Very cool! You should follow our projects
    currently working on executing live playable version of CS:GO’s de_cache for events near you 😀

  • Ersin

    That’s not cobblestone, it was an old map named Castle

    • mm

      Thanks for the comment Ersin!

      Maybe in previous Counter-Strike games the map was called “Castle”, but in CS:GO it is Cobblestone, I played on it 😀

      • mm

        I just checked, it seems that the map was called de_castle in Counter-Strike: Source

        • David

          OMG no, Castle and cobble stone are different maps.

          Castle (de_castle) is from operation breakout. And this map is based on Predjamski Castle

          Cobblestone (in cs source it was “cbble”) is totaly different map, and that map is NOT based on Predjamski Castle

  • CEEA

    Oh yeah. Really great. Thanks for this awesome list. 🙂 Who knows more examples of cs-real-life-maps?

    • mm

      de_canals is in Venice, Italy 🙂

  • nik

    runthrough is the map that is base off Predjama castle, not cobblestone. I mean, coblestone dosent looksimilar to Predjama in any possible angle…

  • Filip


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