Should Your Business Use Webinars As A Communication Tool?

Should Your Business Use Webinars As A Communication Tool?

At first glance, webinars may seem like an interesting alternative to the generic platforms used to communicate your business message – email and social media etc.

But there is no denying that webinars are very effective for a business to communicate with the right audience – once you have delivered the initial awareness they feature further down your marketing funnel.

With direct communication and a familiar face or personal attachment really important within the sales cycle for any business, webinars can play a vital role in supporting your end goal and delivering the information on a wider scale.

There are so many quality platforms which you can host your business webinar and the features and tools will help effectively produce the best display of your subject matter.

The live communication factor is so valuable and also the option to appear anonymously yet still be able to digest the content gives everybody the option to access webinars however they may be comfortable.

Below are some reasons why your business should webinars.

Reasons to Use Webinars for Communication

Before we talk about the reasons to use webinars, here are some statistics and facts from recent studies to prove how important webinars are for a business.

  • 42% of B2B marketers use webinars to connect with their audience.
  • 70% Marketers believe webinars are effective for a business.
  • 18% Companies hold 1-3 webinars every month.
  • 85% People use webinars for educating people and for potential customers.

1. Good for Promotions

Webinars are fast becoming a popular lead generation tool. They are the in thing to be promoting and the immediacy and urgency of booking a slot in the ‘insert exclamatory words about your webinar’ is something we can see all over our Facebook feeds, within ads and also email campaigns.

People love to attend webinars because they get to know about a business idea, websites and latest business strategies. When you have so many people in a webinar, you actually get a chance to promote your business. There is no need to have any section on your promotion. Rather what you present and the content of your seminar is your promotion.

2. Establish Credibility

As you communicate with the right audience and potential customers, they need to trust you. They may have other reasons to find a business credible, but with webinars you can win their trust. A single video increases the audiences’ understanding about a business by 74%. So you can figure out the massive impact of a 2-3-hour webinar on the audience and your customers.

3. Education and Training

You actually offer free education and training to the people about a business. Many people learn from webinars and implement what they learn there. They can become better in their business. When they will gain from your experience, they will quote you as a reliable person or more like a guru in your field. This is great for your professional fame.

4. Brand Awareness

Apart from building credibility, you can raise awareness about your business and companies. When you will talk about your strategies, ideas and business marketing campaigns, people will definitely get to know about your business as well as brand. This increases the awareness and builds a better brand. With webinars, you can connect with the right people and the audience further promotes your business.

5. Increased Sales

The process of webinars is not actually about the webinar iself for sales conversion. It is the emails which you gain from people wanting to attend. Whether they did or not. They are still going to be in your marketing funnel going forward and receive all of the information needed to commit to something later.

The webinar is just the tool, the blboard or the meeting point. It doesn’t actually seal the deal. It provokes the commitment, interest and generates leads.

From here on in, the indirect outcome of a webinar, you will see a noticeable change and improvement in your sales and revenues.

You can even sell other products like the webinars. If you manage to attract an audience, you can charge but it should be a low price. You will manage to make more money with webinars directly as well as indirectly.

6. Communication Tool

We have learned in the above points that how webinars are useful and effective for a business. People from all over the world want to attend webinars to connect with other fellas and influencers in their business sectors. This interaction further encourages cooperation.

You will directly communicate with your customers. You can get their feedback, listen to them and try to find out what customers really need. This can be a research work for your business as well. The opinion of hundreds of relevant people and customers will have a huge impact on your business.

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