10 Siberian Huskies Facts

Siberian Huskies Facts

Photo by MilanoNegro, via pixabay

#10 The Siberian husky was bred by the Chukchi Eskimos in the northeastern Asia, and was originally used to pull heavy loads long.

Strong and enduring, they were able to overcome long distances and rough terrains. They were brought to Alaska during the Gold Rush Siberian husky is also known as Chukcha or Chuksha dog, and Husky and Sibe may be considered the common `nicknames` for this breed.

Siberian Husky belongs to the spitz family of dogs, and even though they are still more than capable of pulling the sledges, they are mostly kept as pets and show dogs.

#9 Siberian Husky is a medium size dog. They may be black and white or red and white patterned. Ears are triangular, and eyes are almond shaped. Eyes of a Husky may me blue, almond or amber colored. They can also have half blue and half brown eyes, which is called parti-eyed or one blue and one brown, which is called bi-eyed.A�

#8 Nose-color of a Husky depends on the color of the coat. There are three versions. If the coat is black, grey or tan a�� the nose is black, if the coat is red (copper) a�� the nose is liver-colored, if the coat is pure white a�� the nose is flash-colored, The color of a Husky’s nose depends on the color of her coat.

#7 Husky coat may come in variations of colors. Typical combination includes white and black, grey or red, with white face mask. However, not all of the have mask and they can also come in solid colors as brown, silver, dark grey, wolf grey and white.a�?a�?

#6 Huskies are used to and function well in the harsh winter condition. Their entire body built supports surviving bad weather. Even their large feet which function as snow are equipped with hairs between the fingers which helps them stay warm. If you live in hot region, you might consider breeding other husky like dogs.

Facts about Siberian Huskies

Photo by MilanoNegro, via pixabay

#5 Siberian huskies have what is called the Arctic temperament. Determined, intelligent and self sufficient, Huskies may be a challenge for the first time owners unprepared for the dog with such a strong mind of their own. They are also incredible escape artists.

#4 The statement that Huskies are incredible escape artist originates from them being prone to wondering off, jumping fences or digging under them. Owning a husky means having to dig your fence several inches deep into the ground in order to prevent your Husky from incognito walks.

#3 Huskies enjoy, and even ore so a�� need extensive exercise, or otherwise tend to be destructive without having all that energy channeled. If you like to hike, jog or ride a bike, Husky is an excellent exercise companion for you. However, these beautiful but demanding dogs need mental stimulation as well.

#2 Huskies are generally healthy breed, but there are some illnesses they are more prone to. Skin condition called zinc responsive deratosis, eye disorders such as cataract and corneal dystrophy as well as the progressive retinal althropy, ectopy or the anomaly of the urethra. Their average lifespan is 10-15 years.

#1 Huskies have medium length double-coated hair. Top coat is straight and rougher than the soft and dense undercoat. They shed extensively during the spring and fall, and if they live in the warm temperature conditions they shed even more often that twice-a-year. Still, their coat is easy to maintain.

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